This Winter’s Five Must-Have Boots

by Courtney Gordner, Featured Guest Writer

They keep your feet warm and dry though frigid temperatures and rough terrain while keeping you fashionable, too. When shopping around for boots this winter, keep these five styles in mind.


All-Weather Boots

This winter, the lumberjack is making a comeback. Everywhere you go, someone is wearing flannel shirts and puffy vests to keep warm and in fashion. To mirror the look and complete the ensemble, why not have your footwear fit the bill, too? Incorporate a pair of all-weather lumberjack-approved boots into your wardrobe and make a fashion statement while also protecting your feet. These water- and weather-proof boots will protect you from icy and snowy conditions and keep your feet warm while doing it. Best of all, the boots are designed to be durable in these conditions, making them super low-maintenance.

Riding Boots

This boot is perfect for casual Fridays at the office and evenings out. Any mid-calf leather riding boot pairs great with leggings, skinny jeans, skirts and even dresses. Most importantly, this shoe will keep you warm when the temperature drops uncomfortably low. As always with leather products, be sure to apply a weatherproof protective spray to your boots before use in inclement weather.

Arctic-Inspired Boots

On subzero days when you’re bundled up like and feel like an Eskimo, why not snow-suit your feet too? This year buying snow boots is easier and more fun with footwear companies like Sorel. These boots are not only fashion-forward but provide unbeatable comfort and durability. One of the best features of winter boots is the traction on the bottom that will help you brave slippery sidewalks and snowy streets.

Moto Boots

Whether you call them moto boots, biker boots, combat boots or something else this shoe is a must-have this winter. Also known as the riding boot’s shorter more edgy cousin, this casual boot is great for walking in the city, shopping or meeting up with friends. You can even wear them when meeting with a worker’s comp attorney who can help you get the employment benefits you deserve. To top it off, this boot is made from sturdy elements that will protect your feet in any harsh weather condition.

Heeled Booties

When it’s just too cold to wear your favorite strappy heels to the bar, consider wearing a heeled bootie. These dressed up boots won’t make you feel like you’re dressing down when planning an evening out. Also, your booties will work hard to keep you warm on the coldest nights out while still showing your style. Best of all, the heels are so sturdy that you won’t have to worry about stumbling in your stilettos.

Surviving icy, snowy and slick conditions while also staying stylish is no simple task, which is why having the proper footwear is essential for winter weather. To make sure you have the best footwear for every event this winter, be sure have these essential pairs of boots in your closet.