Technology & Kids Video Games: Good or Bad

By Dr. Iris Mohr, Chief Editor and Founder, Marketing Fashionista 

Internet changes the way we think. Our educational community and parents question how new technology impacts our children. Like anything else, there is good and bad.  When Freud was writing about humanity in general, his observations had specific ramifications for today’s parents. Our kids are more sophisticated than we think; they understand what’s going on in the adult world and they emulate it as they grow up. They will learn to deal with essential human conflicts in the same ways as their parents.  They will design technologies, social systems, and economic models that mirror ways their parents choose to be in the world. 

While true, here is the BUT.  There is more information available than ever before, but then too our kids are exposed to much less diversity. They rarely see things they don’t want to see since they pick and choose their content online. Surely, they read things they don’t agree with, but these things usually serve to fortify their opposing position.

For now the screen is here to stay, but it is clear that we need to equip our kids with the ability to use it as a meaningful way of mediating the essential paradoxes of the human experience. But, here is the scary BUT element. What if through this Internet journey, the basics are lost. Consider a national geographical disaster where there is no longer Internet. The screen is lost. Are our kids skilled with the basics so they can cope?  

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