GBK’s Fabulous Gift Lounge During New York Fashion Week

 Nicholas K Pilot Pen Dress

By Dr. Iris Mohr, Chief Editor and Founder, Marketing Fashionista 

Celebrating New York Fashion Week, GBK ( hosted the luxury gift and styling lounge at the Empire Hotel in New York City. Many celebs, stylists, and designers stopped by this fashion week hot spot.

Companies offered unique fashion and beauty products and makeovers for guest to feel fab! EMK Beverly Hills provided anti-aging skin care formulated with exclusive plant placenta that is popular among top plastic surgeons, dermatologists and celebrities. Hard Candy was on site with their beauty team touching up guests with their edgy cosmetics. Skinny & Co was giving out their multi-purpose coconut oil to keep your teeth looking perfect and weight off. Soniclear offered an Antimicrobial Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush and Sonic Eraser. Guests also received free eyebrow threading from Brow Art 23 and gift certificates to their fully licensed eyebrow threading boutique.

Pilot Pen handed out pens, but most striking was the dress Nicholas K designed that was literally made from pens!


Cynthia Gale showcased her exquisite Dharmachakra jewelry collection. Luminita’s fun luxury necklaces and bracelets put a modern twist on jewelry. Jane Basch jewelry showcased their unique jewelry designs. Lucky guests received a four day/three night stay for two from Palace Resorts and Caribbean Living at Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort.

As part of GBKs mission, Gavin Keilly gives back in an extraordinary way by making charity a major focus of all GBK Gift Lounges. At the GBK New York Fashion Week Styling LoungeGabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research had a table to create awareness for the importance of cancer research.

GBK, formerly GBK Productions, is a luxury lifestyle gifting and special events company, specializing in entertainment marketing integration. For more information on GBK Fashion Gavin B. Keilly (CEO) and Ana Martins, Vice President of PR, please go to




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Fashion Goes Tech Savvy with Fashion 2.0 Awards

Tuesday (20)

By Anna Spiewak, Contributing Entertainment Editor

Who says the fashionable cannot be nerdy for a day and the nerdy fashionable?

At the 6th annual Fashion 2.0 Awards, they can.

Several industry leaders gathered at the Merkin Concert Hall near Lincoln Center to celebrate the event where fashion brand marketing collides with digital media.

Sponsored by the Style Coalition, spearheaded by Yuli Ziv, the ceremony is the first industry-recognized distinction honoring “the most innovative fashion brands” showcased in digital media.

Nominees included some hard-hitting brands including Chanel, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Dior, to name a few. Their ads were showcased on the big screen, followed by an announcement of the winner by the presenters. In the spirit of the Oscars, each winner was given a golden-plated statuette.


Some of the presenters were familiar faces from the fashion industry, including 90’s supermodel, actress and author Carol Alt, who paid special tribute to Oscar de la Renta during the evening, sharing a heartwarming story how he gave her one of her bigger breaks in her career.

Earlier on the red carpet, Alt whom was called “the most beautiful woman in the world,” shared with us that she does consider herself tech savvy.

“I text all the time, email all the time, I’m actually getting pretty Twitter savvy, but only in sending Twitter (Tweeting) not navigating or negotiating,” Alt told Marketing Fashionista.

TV personality and fashion stylist Robert Verdi hosted the event with his slapstick humor that spared no one, not the Kardashians nor the controversial Indiana law. Although the night celebrated tech savviness in fashion, Verdi, on the other hand, said he is not the techiest person in the bunch.

“I’m actually what you call a tech-tard, which I know is not politically correct, but I find it challenging to respond to all of the digital territories constantly, because I feel if I did that, I would never read a book, read the newspaper or experience real life,” he told MF. “I straddle that space that everyone straddles, which is how to divvy your time up, move forward in the digital touchtones of your life, without losing your life.”

Nevertheless the rest of the tech and and digitally friendly audience Tweeted on during the evening as the following winners were announced:

• Best Facebook marketing: H&M
• Best Pinterest: Kate Spade
• Best Instagram: Opening Ceremony
• Best Twitter: Dior
• Best E-Commerce: NET-A-PORTER
• Best Interactive Retail: Rebecca Minkoff
• Best Digital Philanthropy: Dressember
• Best Online Video: Under Armour “I Will What I Want”
• Best Online Campaign: Marc Jacobs “Cast Me Mark”
• Best Wearable Tech: Tory Burch for Fitbit
• Best Fashion Startup: Cosmic Cart
• Top Innovator: Rebecca Minkoff



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Goodbye MBFW at Lincoln Center, Hello Shock-Value on the Runway!

By Anna Spiewak, Contributing Fashion Editor

The last ever fashion week at Lincoln Center under the Mercedes-Benz umbrella has closed with a bang!

The Fall/Winter 2015 IMG Fashion Week took a bow, Feb 12-19, bidding farewell to its main sponsor Mercedes-Benz, which is pulling the plug next season, and to Lincoln Center, which is ousting the fashion event from its venue after five years, in light of complaints from New York City Parks Advocates.

As if a fashion apocalypse has unfolded, designers might’ve taken this as the season that anything goes on the runway, and anything did: Multi-media assemblage outfits, skirts made out of potato bags and feathers, plastic outfits, metal outfits, shirtless male models, naked female models with painted-on outfits, naked male models, strutting in just a cape while holding their, um, ‘package.’ And this was mostly from students and breakthrough designers.


The first day of fashion week started the evening with an offsite show (Hudson Mercantile) by Hanley Mellon, a husband and wife duo, Nicole Hanley Mellon and Matthew Mellon. The couple, catering to the more upscale, Ralph Lauren-like crowd, played it safe for the evening, with a collection inspired by their lavish travels, this time to Antwerp, Belgium. The European inspiration included suede wrap dresses, stripe chiffon shirts, and very Katherine Hepburn-style baggy pants paired with a wide belt and silky flowy buttoned-down blouse.

Rail-thin Mrs. Mellon, who made the models look meaty, was on hand with her young son Force Hanley Mellon to greet guests. Among the guests walking around the room with models at the center posing as mannequins, were Creative Director of Marie Claire Magazine and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia, as well as Melrose Place and Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford.

Midweek, on Tuesday at Lincoln Center, Zang Toi, The Art Institutes and Lupe Gajardo showed their stuff.

Old timer Zang Toi played it safe this season with black dominating the runway, with some hints of earthy greys and browns. His biggest risks entailed sweater-dress minis paired with childlike thick stockings adorning the female models. Preceding the minis were tailored suits adorned with faux-fur collars, for men and women, wintery cashmeres and wool tops.

Following Zang Toi, the student show of The Art Institutes stepped out of its comfort zone by opening the show with a special female guest battling a rare immune disease, walking the runway on a walker to the tune of applause and a standing ovation, as she modeled an outfit by student designer Nina Perdomo. Her strut was followed by a display of the younger generation taking risks in clothing material use: from latex filament wrap, to plastic, to multi-media assemblage, the Millennials underlined their trademark belief that they can do anything, and they did.

The last show of the evening was by a Chilean newcomer Lupe Gajardo, who held her own in originality. She used the inspiration of birds, the homeless, the streets and dressing out of necessity with her collections showcasing dresses and skirts made of potato sacks with large pins holding them together, to sweaters adorned with bird feathers. Skirts were made of different patches of denim creating a 50 Shades of Blue effect.

And finally, on the last day of fashion week, closing the night and the end of Mercedes-Benz Fashion week at Lincoln Center was a show that will be talked about for a while. Art Loves Fashion, presented by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, showcased seven designers, making it one of the longest fashion shows in one sitting. But the audience was not disappointed. The presentation featured collections from “the world’s freshest and artistically inspired designers in support of a great cause,” according to the program’s pamphlet. The show was exciting and daring.

From sophisticated streetwear by Mister Triple X, showcasing bunny ears and S&M-related gear, to sculptured couture by Li Jon showcasing metal dresses, to House of Byfield, which brought the Nerd look back with glasses, bow ties and briefcases. But no collection shocked as the last one of MT Costello, by sibling designer duo Stephanie and Michael Costello, an alum winner of Project Runway. Their collection included a model dressed in a flowy robe and stilettos dragging through the runway as if she were drunk, only to stop in front of photographers, disrobe and reveal a painted on outfit only. She stood revealing her goods before strutting backstage. But the biggest shocker of the night was a young platinum blond male, clad with just a hooded metallic robe and his penis in hand, adorned with gold jewelry, the penis that is! While this trend might have been started in Paris by Rich Owens a month earlier, who presented the naked penis to the world, it was a first in New York. And with that as video blogger and creator Rocco Leo Gaglioti of Fashion News Live stated after the show: “NY fashion week will forever change after this show.” Oh it will. Watch out designers, come next season in September there’s a new shock value standard to uphold now.




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Alon Livne: An Inspiration to New Designers

 By Dr. Iris Mohr, Chief Editor and Founder, Marketing Fashionista 


Here’s a true success story, and an inspiration to new designers. 

From intern and to a contestant of Israel’s version of “Project Runway,” 

Alon Livne has climbed the fashion ladder to dressing celebrities such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga.  

INSPIRATION: George Melford’s 1921 silent film The Sheik, and the romantic tale it told of  “early imperialism in Morocco, when the privileged of the world—and their beautiful daughters—journeyed across the sea.” Livné’s gentle, graceful, sincere, and curious muse was brought to life on a journey of “self-discovery into womanhood” with the help of exquisite jewels and head pieces from Efrat Casuto. Perhaps he took a “Grown Woman” cue from Mrs. Carter World Tour client Beyoncé.

TRENDS: Embroidery, beading, Swarovski crystals galore, head pieces, silk, floor-grazing gowns, kaftans

PALETTE: Black, blue, silver, blush, copper, gold

WHO WAS THEREParis HiltonBarron HiltonMarissa MontgomeryPeyton List

WHO SHOULD WEAR IT: Regal A-listers like Cate Blanchett, a Great Gatsby-era Carey MulliganLéa Seydoux

Inspired by this post? Post your comments. 

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This Spring’s Hottest Nail Colors and Trends


by Courtney Gordner, Featured Guest Writer

As the snow begins to melt and signs of spring begin to appear, it’s time to start getting your spring wardrobe together. As one of the most essential details of any look is nail color, it’s important to know what this seasons “it” shades and styles are. Read on to find out this spring’s trendiest colors and designs for your nails, some of which are straight from NYC’s 2014 Fashion Week.

Hot Hues

Natural colors: One of this season’s most stylish — and most wearable — nail color trends is a polished natural look. Anything from clear to nude to taupe will add style to your spring look without creating too big of a statement.

Blues: If you’ve had enough of mint green, but still want a cool-colored polish, go for blues. This spring both sea-foam blue and pale-sky blue hues are in.

White: As one of the biggest nail polish trends at this year’s New York City Fashion Week, white nails are the way to go this spring. Many of the models on the runway sporting white nail color often had embellishments to their nails, including funky stripes, texture or even subtle bling.

Rose: This season classic pink and red nail colors are back in style. Anything ranging from a deep rosy pink to a candy-apple red goes, adding a bright splash of color to any look. These red tones look fantastic on sandy beaches, just don’t forget to pack mosquito repellent, as nothing is more distracting than having to swat away mosquitoes when you’re trying to do your nails.

Pale greens and yellows: Nothing captures the essence of spring more than these trending nail shades. Pale yellow-green tints are in this season and are one of the newest breakout nail polish shades yet.

Nail Styles

Floating half moon: This year on the runway at NYC’s Fashion Week, many models were seen sporting a floating half moon nail design. Recreating this style is easy. Just paint a white half-circle at the base of each nail bed, accentuating nail moons. To finish the floating half moon look, simply paint on a clear top coat.

Texture: One of the hottest nail trends this season is adding texture to your polish. Whether it’s with a glittered top coat, a thick metallic polish or even using a matte top coat, each of these options will make your manicure pop.

Bling: One of the most popular nail trends on the NYC Fashion Week runway was blinged-out manicures. Many model’s manicures were adorned with Swarovski crystal tips, or small rhinestone accents, giving each nail a high class look. You can achieve this look at home by applying nail rhinestones to your manicure, and then sealing the deal with a clear top coat.

French manicure update: This season there’s a new twist on this old favorite nail trend. Instead of the traditional white-tipped polish, this spring dark blues and black tip the end of each light pink nail. Also, instead of a full-on tip, the end of each nail is only partly painted, as a streak from the corner of the nail to the middle, adding a subtle yet striking accent.

Stripes: One of the biggest nail fashion trends this spring is incorporating stripes into your polish. Whether vertical or horizontal, thin or bold, this style can be pulled off in whatever color you choose.

Start your spring right with a fresh manicure using this season’s hottest hues and trends. Whatever color or design you choose your springtime nail fashion will get you in the spirit of the warmer temps and sunnier skies.

Image by Noel Giger in DFW, Jamberry Independent Star Consu

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Normal is the New Trend Around Town

by Courtney Gordner, Featured Guest Writer

Fashion is a tool that people utilize to express themselves in an aesthetic way. However, with trends and styles constantly changing it can be a bit overwhelming to keep up with fads without losing who you see yourself as.

Well, the new trend on the block is aiming to solve this problem with a throw-back to the early nineties effortless look. Referred to as “normcore,” this style just might be the next great thing to completely overhaul the fashion industry, and even carry over from season to season.

What Exactly is Normcore?

So, you are probably thinking, “What does this even mean?” Well, when going for the “normcore” look, think bland, blank and brand-less. Basically, you want to look normal, hence the name, or at least what normal meant back in the early nineties. This look embraces a sense of uniformity, without identicalness, and tears fashion down from the once unreachable throne to the average person walking down the street.

At this point, it has become somewhat of an internet sensation in the forms of memes and references to nineties pop-culture, but the term “normcore”, created by trend forecaster K-HOLE, is much more than just a clothing trend. It is a lifestyle, promoting a sense of community and togetherness, grounding people and allowing them to form relationships on a more intellectual level. It is simply about using something other than clothing in order to make a statement.

Lighter washes of ambiguous-branded denim, shirts without logos or too many markings, and comfortable shoes are all staples of this down to earth look. If you were old enough during the early nineties, you may even have a few articles of clothing that would work well for this trend and possibly still fit.

Summer Style

The summer season is a great time to go for the “normcore” look. It is comfortable and effortless, both of which are appealing when it is almost too hot outside to function. You can wear lighter washed denim shorts or even just solid colored linen shorts, which are comfortable and breathable. Think simple when dressing the top half of your body. Go for t-shirts or tank tops without logos, and look for something that doesn’t make a huge statement in itself.

You can even embrace this look while hanging out at a local pool on hot summer days. Opt for a solid colored bathing suit in a simple style, even a modest one-piece if you want a more retro look. Comfortable sandals will be your new best friend, since you can take them from your daily swim out to a nice dinner or to a movie.

Whatever the occasion may be, just think simple to rock this look. For some, this might not even be a big change to your normal wardrobe, especially if you live in a smaller town where current fashion trends don’t drastically alter your appearance.

Marketing Change-up

While the “normcore” clothing trend has been used recently by a few designers, not everyone is quite ready to dive in head first. However, that doesn’t mean that high-end designers are not embracing normalcy in order to showcase their offerings. The style giant Chanel has even gone as far as turning their runway into a makeshift supermarket. It doesn’t get much more normal than shopping for groceries at the market.

What does this mean for marketers? Simply put, they need to embrace normalcy. Not all brands are going to go full-fledged in terms of the early nineties garb, but they are going to need to present themselves in a way that makes their looks attainable. The average person on the street does not look like a super model in sky-high heels, they want something comfortable yet versatile.

Brands should aim to please the masses, per se, and advertise a more effortless and simple look towards people who carry out ordinary daily activities. Think of those who are out at the mall or running errands with their children. They want to look put together and have some sense of a style, but they also want to be comfortable and feel as though they are approachable.

Image by Alexander Shustov

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3 DIY Shoe Designs for Spring


by Courtney Gordner, Featured Guest Writer

Cozy sweaters. Leggings. Snow boots. Knit hats. As winter comes to a close, you’re probably looking into your closet and feeling a little tired of what you see. And while many of these items will be stored as soon as warmer weather hits, there are a few things that you can wear year-round. Shoes fall into this category.

In order to avoid fashion boredom after a cold season of wearing the same shoes over and over, you can spend your allotted spring-cleaning time revamping your collection. The best news of all is that you don’t have to be particularly visionary or crafty to make a change. The proof is below in three projects that’ll turn your old wedges, flats or sneakers into completely new pieces.

Bling Your Bottoms

You’ll find a pair of wedges in almost every girl’s closet these days, and for good reason: the sturdy heel provides height and stability, perfect for winter when sidewalks might be slick. If you have a pair of nude wedges laying around, you can update them easily for summer with glue, rhinestones and, of course, a little patience.


You’ll Need:

• Flatback rhinestones or crystals (approximately 15 gross, or 2,000 rhinestones, depending on the size of the crystals and the area you need to cover)

• Adhesive

• Tweezers

• Optional supplies: shoe cleaning solution, tray, plastic stick

1. Clean the surface of the area where you’ll be applying the rhinestones

2. Start at the edge of the wedge or back of the heel as you start gluing. Decide before you start whether you’re going to apply them in straight lines or in a random pattern.

3. Apply the glue to a very small area, as it dries quickly

4. Grab rhinestones with the tweezer and drop them onto the adhesive. You can use the tweezers or a thin plastic stick to move them around before they stick.

5. Let the glue set for 24-72 hours.


Lace Up Your Flats

Another standard winter shoe: the ballerina flat. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of your trusty black pair that go with just about everything. Rather than wearing a shoe that blends in this spring — or placing them and your other out-of-season items into self-storage — add some lace and turn your black flats into an eye-catching accessory.

You’ll Need:

• Roll of lace ribbon

• Fabric glue

• Scissors

1. Place shoes side-by-side so you can make sure that you apply the lace in a similar pattern.

2. Brush a layer of fabric glue onto the front of your shoe, just below the opening for your foot. Place a piece of lace across the glue horizontally in the same place on both flats.

3. Continue this pattern of side-by-side placement as you place glue and lace on the entire shoe.

4. Once you’ve covered both shoes in lace, you’ll have excess lace hanging over the sides. If it runs onto the bottom, carefully cut the lace so that it ends before it touches the ground. If it is longer over the top hole where you place your feet, fold the lace over and glue it to the inside of the shoe.


Chevron-Stripe Your Sneakers

One of the hottest patterns of the moment is chevron. Its zig-zagging lines bedeck everything from dresses to tops to the curtains that hang in your living room. It’s time you introduced this fun geometric style to your old sneakers. This project works best for flat sneakers, similar to those by Keds or Converse.


You’ll Need:

• Paint pen(s) in at least one color that’s different than the color of your shoes

• Cardstock paper or other paper that’s thick, yet bendable

• Ruler

• Scissors

• Pencil


1. Using your ruler, outline a zigzag pattern on to the cardstock paper. Cut it out.

2. Trace the zigzag pattern onto your shoe, starting at the front and working back towards the heel. You can either make each line the same width or make them random sizes.

3. Once your lines are traced, begin to paint them in alternating colors.

4. Let the paint dry for as long as instructed on the container.


Voila! You are now ready for spring with three new pairs of shoes.


Photo credit: <a href=””>Stacie Stacie Stacie</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

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Old Hollywood Goes Modern: Catherine Zeta-Jones

by Courtney Gordner, Guest Writer

All that glitters is not gold—sometimes, it’s silver. At least, that’s what Catherine Zeta-Jones proved on October 1st, when she accepted the Ambassador for the Arts Award at the New York Dance Alliance Foundation Gala.

The Welsh actress wore a pewter Dennis Basso gown with a plunging V neckline, her décolleté and waist accentuated by intricately embroidered beads.  And while the dress hugged her curves at the top, a flowy tulle skirt added extra femininity at the bottom. Zeta-Jones eschewed Old Hollywood-style curls for a sleek blowout, but rounded out her classic-glam look with a red lip and diamond jewelry.

One diamond accessory that caught everyone by surprise: Zeta-Jones’ sparkling wedding ring, which she wore amid reports of marriage trouble with her husband of almost 13 years, Michael Douglas. They decided to separate soon after Douglas attended the Cannes Film Festival in May and Zeta-Jones returned home after spending time in a treatment center for maintenance of her bipolar disorder.

Still, Zeta-Jones looked as fresh and confident as ever in her Old-Hollywood look, and she’s not the only one. This year’s Emmys red carpet proves that this old-fashioned-inspired style is here to stay.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus—winner for best comedic actress in her HBO show “Veep”—wore a Monique Lhuillier gown, its simple shape juxtaposed by a shining silver fabric that makes Zeta-Jones’s dress almost look dim. She paired the eye-catching outfit with simple loose waves, a popular, retro-style hairdo amongst stars like Alyson Hannigan, Linda Cardellini, and Carrie Underwood. 

“Mad Men” star January Jones went even more old-school with her hair. A deep side part flowed into voluminous waves that framed her face and paired perfectly with a rosy Givenchy gown complete with a lace-floral skirt. Lighter hues flooded the red carpet, with stars like Kerry Washington in a creamy Marchesa gown, Claire Danes in golden Atelier Versace, and Zooey Deschanel in a soft blue J. Mendel that represented her cutesy style perfectly with a large bow at the waist.

Of course, not everyone arrived in a classic-cut, light-colored gown; some stars dazzled in darker hues, too. Red carpet risk-taker Heidi Klum donned a plum-colored Versace dress complete with a built-in shimmering choker. Star of “The Mindy Project” Mindy Kaling wore a similarly hued gown with a similarly eye-catching neckline of crystal-lined cutouts designed by Georges Chakra. Along with purple, the Emmys saw shades of maroon, red, electric blue, emerald, and turquoise.


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Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Michael Kors?

Show 2_Noon by Noor

By Anna Spiewak, Contributing Entertainment Editor

Although the Spring –Summer 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week fell between two Jewish holidays, it did not detract the crowds from Lincoln Center or offsite shows to catch the latest trends from established designers or witness the induction of up-and-coming artists to the fashion world. On the first day of fashion shows at the flagship site of MBFW, Sept. 5, The Art Institute of New York City presented The Student Show, with 10 young designers, the school’s alumni and current students, showcasing their fashion of the future. And the young designers’ vision was anything but conventional. The runway was filled with geometrical shapes, flowy, loose-fitting dresses for women and shirts for men, black and white combos, bold colors, minis, hippie-style throw overs, and lastly couture, Alexander McQueen-style feathered hats and puffy skirts. The evening concluded with young designers strutting the runway accompanied by one of their models. The young designers’ vision reflected comfort, ease, with a hint of flare for the avant-garde.

On the second day of fashion week, cousins Noor Rashid Al Khalifa and Haya Mohammed Al Khalifa presented their spring and summer designs under their label Noon by Noor, which comes from the Arabic letter “N”, pronounced as “noon.” And in this show spring was in the air! Every piece on the runway had a hint of florals incorporated into the design. Bright orange tops, navy short shorts, or flowy long skirts and tight tops were adorned with flower designs or material flowers sown onto the fabrics. Leaves were also not omitted during the runway, adorning jumpsuits, pant suits and shorts suits. Aside from floras and faunas, colorful leather was also the signature design, with purple leather skirts, matched with see-through buttoned down blouses or white long-sleeved puffy shirts. Symbolic of spring and rebirth, whites, creams and lilacs were signature colors on the runway signifying themes of Shakespeare’s Ophelia, princess and the modern woman of excess, out on an evening of delight. Femininity and fitted designs underlined the collection. Even Beyonce’s baby sis Solange Knowles paid a visit to the show, after which she was rushed backstage to meet the designers.

Over the weekend, it was the men’s turn to shine, as various designers presented their collections offsite at Milk Studios in Chelsea area of New York. Design label Rochambeau, created by Joshua Cooper and Laurence Chandler exhibited a more warrior-like style filled with white jumpsuits, black leather, gloves, arm pads and hockey masks, as if preparing the males for battle, most likely inspired by the young designers’ skateboard and hip-hop background. Argentinian designer Lucio Castro went on the gentler, preppier side, showcasing next door khakis, sweaters, buttoned down shirts and burgundy slacks.  Also nearby, Honduran designer Carlos Campos used soccer, from the game fields of Maradona and Beckham as inspiration. The love of the game was showcased through pulled-up long white socks, white tennis shoes, combined with woven shirts, polos and raglan sleeve sweaters. All models were clad in uniform-inspired shorts made out of paper-touch cotton with elastic hip-hugging waistbands, underlining the suburban man’s and urban hipster’s wardrobe. Last but not least Ricardo Seco held a runway show on the west side of midtown at Eyebeam Art+Technology Center. While the Mexican-born designer tends to create for both men and women, only one female designer walked his show, the rest was all male-dominated. Seco cleverly combined the formal with the casual, tuxedo tops with polyester-like shorts; track jackets, vowed to be the craze of the season; and Asian-inspired tops with cutoff sleeves.  The collection, on the sporty side, was accessorized by sunglasses, New Balance running shoes, backpacks and ‘murses’ (male purses).

With all the variables interfering with New York’s fashion week over the years, recession, hurricanes, snowstorms, Jewish holidays, the Big Apple signature tradition takes a licking and keeps on ticking. In fact, the fashion tradition is said to have outgrown its location at Lincoln Center and is considering moving in four years to the Culture Shed. This multi-use performing-arts space with a retractable canopy, will be part of the Hudson Yards, an ambitious New York City $15 billion project currently under development that will turn an old rail yard on the west side of Manhattan into a complex of office towers, apartments, hotel space, stores and parks. Despite the magnitude of the new venue, the crowds will still come and fill it.  Snow, rain, holidays, we are New Yorkers and we are tough, nothing interferes with our thirst for fashion and hunger for trendiness.


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What Nemo? The show must go on!

By Anna Spiewak, Fashion/Contributing Entertainment Editor

Despite severe weather conditions, the organizers of New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, IMG Fashion Events and Properties decided to continue with the semi-annual trendsetting tradition.

Although some designers decided to postpone their shows to another day, mainly because their designs or models could not make it, Storm Nemo, which brought 10 inches of snow and slippery sidewalks around the Lincoln Center, where not only stiletto guests were seen slipping, by this reporter, but also a flat-shoed businessman as he continued talking on his cell phone, was dealt with by the IMG crew by hiring extra man crew to shovel the snow and provide extra heat inside the tent, according to a prepared statement the company released to the media.

The super storm broke out the second day of Fall 2013 NYFW, so those showing on the first day were luckier. One of them Concept Korea showcased the colorful works of five top South Korean designers: Choiboko, Cres. E. Dim, Son Jung Wan, Lie Sang Bong, and Kye on the evening of Feb. 7th at Lincoln Center’s Stage venue. To the rhythm of Korean music mixed with hip-hop, the recurring theme on the runway was reflective of the weather: wool, long hats, boots and leggings, with hints of leather and furry sleeves here and there. Some designers, such as Kye, opted to use graffiti patterns and intricate designs, reflective perhaps of their view of the Big Apple street attire. The recurring fall colors included black, white, tan and different shades of dark purple, which seemed to a few of the designers’ choice of color of the season.

Designer Timo Weiland’s men’s collection got the Box venue at Lincoln Center, the smallest display space where models stand still in the middle of the room, while industry professionals and the press walk around snapping pictures. The male models were adorned with wool coats with furry collars, knitted sweaters and blazers. The colors underlining his collection were black, white, red and green.

Feb. 8th, the day the snow snowstorm hit, ironically, was a successful day for designer Nicole Miller, for whose 6pm show at the Studio a handful of celebs braved the snow to attend. Ashlee Simpson, rapper Eve, photographer and America’s Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker were just a few of the front rowers at the event. Miller’s collection may have not been intended for men, but it was certainly male inspired, a la ‘wearing your boyfriend’s wardrobe who most likely moonlights as a musician.’ Both soft and hard textures were mixed to create an androgynous feel, grungy bordering on glam rock look: wool jackets, ivory silk shirts, lycra skirts. There was leather, silk, plaid and hats were worn by every other model.

Over the weekend, the 9pm Emerson show by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week’s veteran designer Jackie Fraser-Swan ran late since the designer was stuck on a train. Later her four young daughters were seated in the front row, dressed in their mother’s textured designs. Her collection was a mixture of black, grey, dark purple and plaid. There was a recurring theme of purple tinsel knit clothing. With the leftover material, the designer made a myriad of hair barrettes shaped into bows as gifts for guests sitting in the front row.

On the evening of Feb 12th, elsewhere during New York Fashion Week, Nolcha, which showcases the works of independent designers to a global audience of press, retailers and stylists celebrated Nolcha Fashion Week at Pier 59 Studios with a runway show of four emerging designers: JUNGWON by June Sohn, Samantha Cole London, Lilly Lorraine by Christi du Mesnil Craven, and the crowd’s favorite Aisha x Artini by Dany Tabet.

JUNGWON’s designs reflected the Korean-American designer’s experience with New York City’s unpredictable weather while living there for more than a decade, on and off. For this reason her entire collection was all about waterproof and wind-breaking clothing to brave the wetness and the cold of the urban jungle. Models strutted the runway in hooded raincoats and rain boots.

Samantha Cole was all about British inspired rock’ n’ roll, as her models entered the runway with puffy hair, sharp collars, stilettos and geometric shapes on loose-fitting dresses, shirts and leggings.

Lilly Lorraine designs were the most demure. Titled “Rendezvous in the Moonlight”, Craven’s collection was inspired by the neutral tones and textures revealed by the moonlight upon the beauty of the earth’s natural architecture, according to the designer.

But Lebanese designer Dany Tabet’s collection seemed to have stolen the show, in more ways than one. The moment his first model stepped out, a wave of excitement and “ahh” was heard across the room. His eveningwear dresses, clearly inspired by art, were all diamond and sparkle, with a Swarovski-like feel. One after the other, the earthy, black, red and green dresses shined on the runway, long dresses with intricate cutouts and thigh-high slits or body hugging minis. The collection’s trademark is said to be the phoenix, which symbolizes “elegance, toughness, and independence and matches our mission to spark of life, never give up, fulfill our spirit, and spread out our love to all over the world.”

It wasn’t enough that the young designer already won over the crowd with his designs. In the end he did something unseen at fashion shows. He came out on the runway and started chatting to the audience, asking if they enjoyed the show. After a brief speech in which he confessed that this was his second showing at Nolcha, he called a girl out onto the runway thanking for all the help. He proceeded to take out a blue box out of his pocket as he got down on one knee and proposed. The crowd was ecstatic, and luckily for him, the girl said yes through the surprise and the tears. What started on a bad note with Nemo weather explosion, ended on a positive note around the holiday for lovers, especially for Dany Tabet. We wish him and his fiancée all the best for years to come, hoping he will continue producing amazing designs.

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