This Spring’s Hottest Nail Colors and Trends


by Courtney Gordner, Featured Guest Writer

As the snow begins to melt and signs of spring begin to appear, it’s time to start getting your spring wardrobe together. As one of the most essential details of any look is nail color, it’s important to know what this seasons “it” shades and styles are. Read on to find out this spring’s trendiest colors and designs for your nails, some of which are straight from NYC’s 2014 Fashion Week.

Hot Hues

Natural colors: One of this season’s most stylish — and most wearable — nail color trends is a polished natural look. Anything from clear to nude to taupe will add style to your spring look without creating too big of a statement.

Blues: If you’ve had enough of mint green, but still want a cool-colored polish, go for blues. This spring both sea-foam blue and pale-sky blue hues are in.

White: As one of the biggest nail polish trends at this year’s New York City Fashion Week, white nails are the way to go this spring. Many of the models on the runway sporting white nail color often had embellishments to their nails, including funky stripes, texture or even subtle bling.

Rose: This season classic pink and red nail colors are back in style. Anything ranging from a deep rosy pink to a candy-apple red goes, adding a bright splash of color to any look. These red tones look fantastic on sandy beaches, just don’t forget to pack mosquito repellent, as nothing is more distracting than having to swat away mosquitoes when you’re trying to do your nails.

Pale greens and yellows: Nothing captures the essence of spring more than these trending nail shades. Pale yellow-green tints are in this season and are one of the newest breakout nail polish shades yet.

Nail Styles

Floating half moon: This year on the runway at NYC’s Fashion Week, many models were seen sporting a floating half moon nail design. Recreating this style is easy. Just paint a white half-circle at the base of each nail bed, accentuating nail moons. To finish the floating half moon look, simply paint on a clear top coat.

Texture: One of the hottest nail trends this season is adding texture to your polish. Whether it’s with a glittered top coat, a thick metallic polish or even using a matte top coat, each of these options will make your manicure pop.

Bling: One of the most popular nail trends on the NYC Fashion Week runway was blinged-out manicures. Many model’s manicures were adorned with Swarovski crystal tips, or small rhinestone accents, giving each nail a high class look. You can achieve this look at home by applying nail rhinestones to your manicure, and then sealing the deal with a clear top coat.

French manicure update: This season there’s a new twist on this old favorite nail trend. Instead of the traditional white-tipped polish, this spring dark blues and black tip the end of each light pink nail. Also, instead of a full-on tip, the end of each nail is only partly painted, as a streak from the corner of the nail to the middle, adding a subtle yet striking accent.

Stripes: One of the biggest nail fashion trends this spring is incorporating stripes into your polish. Whether vertical or horizontal, thin or bold, this style can be pulled off in whatever color you choose.

Start your spring right with a fresh manicure using this season’s hottest hues and trends. Whatever color or design you choose your springtime nail fashion will get you in the spirit of the warmer temps and sunnier skies.

Image by Noel Giger in DFW, Jamberry Independent Star Consu

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