Normal is the New Trend Around Town

by Courtney Gordner, Featured Guest Writer

Fashion is a tool that people utilize to express themselves in an aesthetic way. However, with trends and styles constantly changing it can be a bit overwhelming to keep up with fads without losing who you see yourself as.

Well, the new trend on the block is aiming to solve this problem with a throw-back to the early nineties effortless look. Referred to as “normcore,” this style just might be the next great thing to completely overhaul the fashion industry, and even carry over from season to season.

What Exactly is Normcore?

So, you are probably thinking, “What does this even mean?” Well, when going for the “normcore” look, think bland, blank and brand-less. Basically, you want to look normal, hence the name, or at least what normal meant back in the early nineties. This look embraces a sense of uniformity, without identicalness, and tears fashion down from the once unreachable throne to the average person walking down the street.

At this point, it has become somewhat of an internet sensation in the forms of memes and references to nineties pop-culture, but the term “normcore”, created by trend forecaster K-HOLE, is much more than just a clothing trend. It is a lifestyle, promoting a sense of community and togetherness, grounding people and allowing them to form relationships on a more intellectual level. It is simply about using something other than clothing in order to make a statement.

Lighter washes of ambiguous-branded denim, shirts without logos or too many markings, and comfortable shoes are all staples of this down to earth look. If you were old enough during the early nineties, you may even have a few articles of clothing that would work well for this trend and possibly still fit.

Summer Style

The summer season is a great time to go for the “normcore” look. It is comfortable and effortless, both of which are appealing when it is almost too hot outside to function. You can wear lighter washed denim shorts or even just solid colored linen shorts, which are comfortable and breathable. Think simple when dressing the top half of your body. Go for t-shirts or tank tops without logos, and look for something that doesn’t make a huge statement in itself.

You can even embrace this look while hanging out at a local pool on hot summer days. Opt for a solid colored bathing suit in a simple style, even a modest one-piece if you want a more retro look. Comfortable sandals will be your new best friend, since you can take them from your daily swim out to a nice dinner or to a movie.

Whatever the occasion may be, just think simple to rock this look. For some, this might not even be a big change to your normal wardrobe, especially if you live in a smaller town where current fashion trends don’t drastically alter your appearance.

Marketing Change-up

While the “normcore” clothing trend has been used recently by a few designers, not everyone is quite ready to dive in head first. However, that doesn’t mean that high-end designers are not embracing normalcy in order to showcase their offerings. The style giant Chanel has even gone as far as turning their runway into a makeshift supermarket. It doesn’t get much more normal than shopping for groceries at the market.

What does this mean for marketers? Simply put, they need to embrace normalcy. Not all brands are going to go full-fledged in terms of the early nineties garb, but they are going to need to present themselves in a way that makes their looks attainable. The average person on the street does not look like a super model in sky-high heels, they want something comfortable yet versatile.

Brands should aim to please the masses, per se, and advertise a more effortless and simple look towards people who carry out ordinary daily activities. Think of those who are out at the mall or running errands with their children. They want to look put together and have some sense of a style, but they also want to be comfortable and feel as though they are approachable.

Image by Alexander Shustov

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