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newsfeed-newsleBy Dr. Iris Mohr, Chief Editor and Founder, Marketing Fashionista 

 Social news works differently for each of us. Here is a great site worth talking about. It’s called Newsle.

Twitter and Facebook function as social news feeds with your friends pushing out stories they find interesting. But what about news about your friends or other people you care about? Well, two Harvard sophomores, Axel Hansen and Jonah Varon, created together Newsle to do just that. Newsle imports your friends and contacts from Facebook and LinkedIn and shows you any news or blog posts that mention them. It also lets you follow famous people to get all the news about them.

Tracking news about people you care about could work well for startups founders tracking VCs or vice versa, sales people prepping for a metting, or simply keeping up with what is going on with your professional contacts. And if Newsle misses something, you can even add stories about yourself or your friends.

As posted on CrunchBase:

“Never miss an important story about a friend, professional contact, or public figure you care about.

Newsle is a web application that allows you to follow real news about your Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, and favorite public figures. While there are already “people search” sites and social news aggregators, Newsle does two things that haven’t been done before:

  • Finds real news about–not by–your Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts (no tweets, no statuses, no “social noise”)
  • Combines this with news about public figures you select, in a single newsfeed

We’ve developed sophisticated algorithms to disambiguate between people with the same name, to evaluate the importance of news articles, and to optimize your newsfeed as you rate and interact with articles. You can adjust the amount of news you see about each person you’re following and sort your newsfeed by date or importance. This makes it a unique way to discover news that is relevant to you personally, but that you wouldn’t otherwise see.”

For sure Marketing Fashionista is hooked!

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