Marketing Fashionista strives in its articles to achieve a dynamic professional and practical academic edge. The articles (with the exception of guest writers) shoot to meet the requirements of M.A.R.S., an opinion-based writing style created specifically for Marketing Fashionista to bridge professional and academic ideas in a format conducive to social media.  The articles are meant to be inspirational and beneficial to your career and daily life. Please feel free to share your stories, opinions, comments, links, pictures, and/or other related resources.  Specifically, M.A.R.S. stands for:

M= Managerial and/or practical. This helps. It guides me.

A= A bit academic, integrating educational concepts, research, and/or statistics. This is no joke. It is smart. There is proof!

R= Relevant to the reader and/or timed to events.  Yes, I should know this.

S= Simple to follow and understand.  I get it.


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