Just In: Apple unveils iOS 8

 By Dr. Iris Mohr, Chief Editor and Founder, Marketing Fashionista

Apple invites the world to their Worldwide Developer’s Conference keynote today. Stream it live on Apple’s event site–if you have the right Apple device. You can stream it live on Apple’s event site–if you have the right Apple device. The annual conference started today with the keynote at 10am PDT, and is running through June 6th. Here’s a peak at what is expected at this year’s conference:


iOS 8

Healthbook will probably be a part of the iOS 8 update, we’ll see the end of the Notification Center, and iMessage is also likely to get a revamp.

Apple is also believed to be working extensively on implementing changes to iCloud, which we’ll see later this year.

To add, there are talks of the iPad being capable of running two apps at the same (the split-screen).

OSX 10.10

OS X team is likely to be UI elements which are similar to iOS such as icons and radio buttons.

Hardware and smart homes

Apple’s new rumoured hardware lineup could also include non-Apple devices as well as the company is said to be preparing to show off its home automation system, which will be enabled through third-party devices built for that purpose and controlled using an iPhone.

Also exciting, a Financial Times report says that Apple is preparing to launch a software platform aimed towards home automation, with iPhones and iPads being utilized for controlling lights, security systems, cooling and heating, and other appliances.

While this is still a guessing game, there are rumours that suggest Apple could unveil a revamped Apple TV tonight.

To get the rundown, watch the keynote here in a few hours to view where Apple’s turning their focus in 2014.

Sorry, but if you’re tuning in to see a new iPhone or iPad, it won’t happen.

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