iPhone and Vine: How They Relate to the World of Fashion Marketing

 by Courtney Gordner, Featured Guest Writer

In February of 2013, Vine was released to Apple’s App Store, and has since caught the attention of marketers and fashionistas around the world. Owned by Twitter, Vine allows mobile users to shoot and post up to six seconds of video. While six seconds may not seem like much time, in the world of fashion, a six-second video has virtually endless possibilities. Here are some of the ways fashionistas are using Vine to promote the latest trends, as well as some reasons why you might consider using Vine yourself.

Runway Clips
It’s one thing to see a photo of a runway model, but watching a video is a completely different experience. A short video clip gives you a much better idea of the outfit works as a whole. Video allows you to see an ensemble from many different angles and lets you take in each piece of the outfit. You also get a much better idea of how the outfit flows — can you really appreciate the movement of a skirt with just an image?

Brands are already recognizing the value of using Vine as fashion shows. For example, retailer Topshop posted ten videos to Vine during the London Fashion Week. Topshop didn’t just post catwalks either — it also used Vine to give followers a behind-the-scenes exclusive into what makes a fashion show tick. This is just one example of the innovative ways marketers can use Vine to appeal to their customer base.

Catalog and Ensemble Showcase
Vine videos are also a great opportunity to showcase a new catalog or outfit. As mentioned above, video clips give users a much better idea of how outfits work. Why wouldn’t brands use this technology to better market their products? Many designers are using Vine to show off new releases. Marc Jacobs and Burberry are two examples of high-profile brands that have used Vine to better illustrate their catalogs. In all likelihood, other brands will soon follow if they haven’t already.

Social Media Sharing
Fortunately, what brands post on Vine is not exclusive to the platform. Actually, Vine makes it easier than ever to promote your product line and drive sales with social media. It’s a piece of cake to share Vine videos on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

You can also embed the videos in other websites. This makes it easy for social media-savvy brands to start using Vine as part of their campaign. Even if you don’t have a great deal of experience with using apps for marketing, Vine makes taking and posting video from a mobile device as easy as possible. The interface is elegant and easy to use; even the technologically challenged marketer shouldn’t have trouble using it.

For the Camera-Savvy, and the Less-Than-Savvy
Another great thing about Vine is that it’s easy to use no matter how good you are with a camera. All videos uploaded to Vine have to be taken with the iPhone camera, meaning there’s a level playing field for all fashionista marketers. Using your phone to take videos is quick as easy — you don’t need to have a fancy camera or a professional videographer to get results. That means anyone can attend fashion week, take a video and post it to Vine right from the runway. If you’re a designer or aspiring model, you can also shoot and post your own Vines just by clicking a few buttons. If you’re into GIFs you’re in luck too — a 6-second clip is more or less the perfect length for a GIF animation. It’s a budding fashionista’s dream come true.

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