How a Little Girl’s Break-Up Note Could Help You Grow as a Person

by Courtney Gordner, Featured Guest Writer

Remember elementary and middle school? They’re rough years, not to mention a time when personalities are formed. Yet some kids shine with insight despite their lack of experience, and that insight will undoubtedly serve them well. In fact, sometimes their wisdom is so impressive, it needs to be passed on to adults who have ultimately lost sight of how sensible youngsters can be.


Case in point: A recent blog post featuring a break-up note from a little girl. The short – and amusingly poorly-spelled – letter was aimed at telling her boyfriend he was now an ex-boyfriend. Using only a few sentences, she basically laid out the following:

  • She was ending their three-month relationship.
  • He had not communicated with her during the three months they were together.
  • If he does that to a future girlfriend, he will not hear wedding bells.
  • He deserves to have a good future, although it won’t be with her.

The whole note was 51 words long. Talk about being to-the-point!

As business people, we can all learn quite a bit from this young gal’s chutzpa. In fact, there are several lessons that are relevant for grown-ups who are trying to grow their business, get ahead in their careers or just be happier with their jobs.

#1: It’s okay to be honest.

So many times, we talk ourselves out of “telling it like it is,” and we fall into the land of Little White Lies. Unfortunately, those almost always come back to bite us. This note shows there are ways to be upfront without being cruel. Sometimes, just laying it all on the line in a very direct way is really the smartest course of action.

#2: Always be armed with the facts.

Whether you’re asking your boss for a raise, or you’re asking your utility provider for a better rate, you need to have all your facts lined up and ready to go. This girl had hers at the ready, and they would be tough to debate. Objectivity is the key to talking with anyone, and it usually helps you get at least some of what you desire.

#3: Holding grudges only hurts the grudge-holder.

From the sound of the break-up note, the writer wasn’t going to let the bad experience ruin her day. There’s no talk of low self-esteem or even of anger. If she can continue to have this kind of perspective on all the negative things that happen during her lifetime, she’ll likely have a much higher level of confidence than her peers.

#4: Make decisions; don’t let them be made for you.

Obviously, there are some things in your life that you cannot control, such as a hereditary medical condition. However, there are many more life decisions and paths which are completely up to you to determine. Whether it’s deciding to spend some time shopping online for discounted women’s clothing instead of scrubbing the bathroom, or figuring out what to do for the next five years of your life, the final choice comes down to your wishes. Certainly, you may need to take others’ desires into consideration, but you do have the power to make the last say.

It would be fascinating to follow this little girl throughout her school days to see at what point she’s able to finally find a significant other with whom she feels well-treated. No doubt she’ll send him a much more pleasant series of notes. Still, it’s good for the rest of us she had her “bad” breakup experience in an age where we can all learn a little bit from her perspective.

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