A Fashionista’s Fabulous Five Trending Apps

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by Courtney Gordner, Featured Guest Writer

When it comes to fashion, one of the most important parts of being avant-garde is keeping up with the ever-changing trends and style changes. No matter how brave or daring the print or pattern is, a true fashionista will plan and accessorize accordingly. Yet, maybe this fashionista also holds an 80-hour work week and probably owns one of the most disorganized and stuffed-to-the-brim closet in all of New York. Luckily, technology has saved this fashionista from the makings of a potential wardrobe malfunction.

Digital apps have created a new avenue for fashion inspiration and organization, capitalizing on the importance of wearing the top styles in our fashion world today. Also, if you are always on the go, but still want to look your best, these apps will save both your time and money. Below is a list of 5 app platforms that are as trendy as they are aesthetically pleasing; it would make Jimmy Choo proud.

Stylebook  ($3.99 iOS app)

As maybe a dysfunctional fashionista, you can definitely organize an awful mess by creating a digital closet. Uploaded photos of your own clothes and online store images and brands can be added to an item count, ultimately adding up the total value of your closet. In the “worn history log,” you can see 10 of your least and most worn outfits and even plan for future outfits by tagging them onto your calendar. One of the neatest parts of the app is the iPhone camera ability to completely wipe out the background of your photos to create a clean thumbnail to use as your uploaded images. Some other perks include a packing list, inspirational library, size tracker, and texting capabilities to send your outfits to friends to view.

Cloth (free for a limited time)

If pressed for time during the week compromises your fashion sense, this app is perfect for planning your daily outfits. In this photo-style platform, you can archive your clothes, catalog pieces, and complete a digitally organized wardrobe. With its user-friendly navigation, getting dressed in the morning has never been easier. A fashionista like yourself can easily find tabs marked vacation, beachwear, work, etc. You can even use the in-app photo editor program to generate fun photos with filters and use general rotate and cropping features. For a limited time, the app is free and you can purchase in-app features for 99 cents to really put this tool to work.

Pose (free for iOS and Android)

It’s no doubt this app is popular if stylists Blair Fowler, CoCo Rocha, and Rachel Zoe  use it for their fashion needs. In this app, you can share and explore the trends and styles you admire most through a public stream of uploads in this photo-sharing platform. You can even include your own photos to be conscious of your daily wardrobe. You can tag items of clothing, brands, and determine the perfect outfit when checking the number of hearts each item receives. The app takes time to set a fashion profile through a four-question quiz to cater to your stylistic preferences. Also, for easy log-in, you can access your information and save data linked to Facebook.

Touch Closet ($9.99 for iOS)

Let’s say that you want everything cataloged from your closet onto your mobile device. This completely virtual closet will mimic your actual closet and turn it into a little “magazine” of sorts. You can upload photos of your own items and create trendy outfits and give them a name. Then, the app will generate a flipbook-style catalog to store and organize your outfits. Saving your favorite combinations have never been easier, and you can accessorize all of your clothes. Don’t have the item you’re looking for to complement your outfit? You can go and buy clothes or add your favorite retailers online to keep up-to-date with the trends and complete your wardrobe. This app will save you lots of time, it’s just like having your own outlet store mirrors in your phone!

Netrobe (free for iOS)

The ultimate storage app where you can manage your overfilled wardrobe and categorize everything you own by taking pictures and uploaded them to the app. Each item can be listed as dresses, swimwear, tops, skirts, etc. The feature function, Styleboard tab, allows you to mix and match items from your large storage bin. The unlimited amounts of space can really maximize your efforts to wearing the perfect outfits every day. The “worn history” tab helps you to not repeat your clothes or become a fashion “don’t.” Additionally, an in-app digital packing list allows you to drag your uploaded clothes from your storage library to your e-mail with a click of a button. Then, you can easily print the list and physically check-off what you’ve packed.


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