Fashion Goes Tech Savvy with Fashion 2.0 Awards

Tuesday (20)

By Anna Spiewak, Contributing Entertainment Editor

Who says the fashionable cannot be nerdy for a day and the nerdy fashionable?

At the 6th annual Fashion 2.0 Awards, they can.

Several industry leaders gathered at the Merkin Concert Hall near Lincoln Center to celebrate the event where fashion brand marketing collides with digital media.

Sponsored by the Style Coalition, spearheaded by Yuli Ziv, the ceremony is the first industry-recognized distinction honoring “the most innovative fashion brands” showcased in digital media.

Nominees included some hard-hitting brands including Chanel, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Dior, to name a few. Their ads were showcased on the big screen, followed by an announcement of the winner by the presenters. In the spirit of the Oscars, each winner was given a golden-plated statuette.


Some of the presenters were familiar faces from the fashion industry, including 90’s supermodel, actress and author Carol Alt, who paid special tribute to Oscar de la Renta during the evening, sharing a heartwarming story how he gave her one of her bigger breaks in her career.

Earlier on the red carpet, Alt whom was called “the most beautiful woman in the world,” shared with us that she does consider herself tech savvy.

“I text all the time, email all the time, I’m actually getting pretty Twitter savvy, but only in sending Twitter (Tweeting) not navigating or negotiating,” Alt told Marketing Fashionista.

TV personality and fashion stylist Robert Verdi hosted the event with his slapstick humor that spared no one, not the Kardashians nor the controversial Indiana law. Although the night celebrated tech savviness in fashion, Verdi, on the other hand, said he is not the techiest person in the bunch.

“I’m actually what you call a tech-tard, which I know is not politically correct, but I find it challenging to respond to all of the digital territories constantly, because I feel if I did that, I would never read a book, read the newspaper or experience real life,” he told MF. “I straddle that space that everyone straddles, which is how to divvy your time up, move forward in the digital touchtones of your life, without losing your life.”

Nevertheless the rest of the tech and and digitally friendly audience Tweeted on during the evening as the following winners were announced:

• Best Facebook marketing: H&M
• Best Pinterest: Kate Spade
• Best Instagram: Opening Ceremony
• Best Twitter: Dior
• Best E-Commerce: NET-A-PORTER
• Best Interactive Retail: Rebecca Minkoff
• Best Digital Philanthropy: Dressember
• Best Online Video: Under Armour “I Will What I Want”
• Best Online Campaign: Marc Jacobs “Cast Me Mark”
• Best Wearable Tech: Tory Burch for Fitbit
• Best Fashion Startup: Cosmic Cart
• Top Innovator: Rebecca Minkoff



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