Dr. Iris | Marketing Fashionista

Dr. Iris Mohr is a professor of Marketing at St. John’s University, a consultant, and a media analyst. She earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration in Marketing/Strategy from City University of New York. She also holds an MBA from City University of New York, a Masters in Communication from Hebrew University in Israel, and a professional certificate in Screenwriting from University of California in Los Angeles.

Her articles appeared in numerous publications, such as Journal of Internet Commerce, Harvard Press, Interfaces, Human Resource Management, Quality Management Journal, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, European Journal of Marketing, Business Horizon, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and Marketing Management.

Most recently, she is pursuing research in movies, fashion, and buzz marketing, and writing several entertainment-related academic articles and a blogger for Jerusalem Post. Dr. Iris serves as a media analyst and a commenter for newspapers, magazines, and television, and presented her marketing views for CBS radio, Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, Daily News, NY-1, and Hollywood Reporter.

Formerly, she was a Contributing Editor of The Conference Board’s Quality Briefing and Membership Update, bimonthly professional newsletters. Additionally, Dr. Mohr was an Examiner of the New York State Governor’s Excelsior Award Program, modeled after the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Excellence.

As Marketing Fashionista, Dr. Iris strives to achieve a dynamic professional and practical academic edge. The articles (with the exception of guest writers) shoot to meet the requirements of M.A.R.S., an opinion-based writing style created specifically for Marketing Fashionista to bridge professional and academic ideas in a format conducive to social media.  Please feel free to share your stories, opinions, comments, links, pictures, and/or other related resources.

Dr. Iris is a member of the following organizations: The Conference Board and American Marketing Association.