A Young Woman Achieves Big Dreams at MBFW

Megan Silcott

by Erica Ashley Jackson, Featured Guest Writer

On Wednesday February 17th, Mercedes Benz Fashion week held its bi-annual Art Institutes Fashion Show at Lincoln Center; where 12 selected students had the opportunity of a lifetime to showcase their fashion collection.

Among the students was Nina Perdomo, a student at The Art Institute of New York. Born in Jacksonville, Florida Nina Perdomo’s fashion career started when she sketched and designed sneakers in high school. After being honorably discharged from the navy, she became a ready-to-wear intern at Diane van Furstenberg. She says her experience in the Navy played a key role in expanding her perspective in the world. It was not until before the Arts Academy Show that Perdomo was also about to impact someone else’s life forever. Through, the Art Institutes Perdomo was introduced to 18-year old Megan Silcott, a teenager from Maryland. Megan Silcott’s life changed two years ago when she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that left her to be paralyzed below the neck.

With years of physical therapy, Megan Silcott has since beaten the odds and achieved her lifelong dream of walking the runway. She opened up the Arts Institute Fashion Show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week wearing designer Nina Perdomo’s first look, with the assistance of a walker.

“Through endless hours of physical therapy and relentless determination, Megan has since been able to walk again,” the Art Institutes Fashion show read. “Megan is determined to fully recover and pursue her dream of a career in acting or fashion. Tonight we are going to witness her road to recovery get one step closer.”

Silcott dream became a reality when Perdomo asked her to model for her collection. “I design for a woman who is strong and knows what she wants from life,” Perdomo told Good Morning America. “And I feel like Megan is the perfect example for that.”

“Here I was not able to move, not thinking I would ever be able to walk again,” Silcott told Good Morning America. “You know, it just goes to show that anything is possible and if you put your mind to it, it can get done.”

Megan Silcott’s career doesn’t stop there. She continues to inspire us with her courage and determination, pursuing her dream of becoming a famous fashion model and dancer.